Facts : Pratik Gandhi aka Harshad Mehta of Scam 1992

Pratik Gandhi was born and raised in Surat, Gujarat where his parents were teachers.

He opted for an Engineering Diploma after his 12th class and began working as a Salesman right after completing it.

Pratik worked as a Salesman for 11 months and decided to pursue graduation in Engineering.

He has always been hooked in to theater but wanted to pursue theater and engineering together which is why he moved to Mumbai. Initially he did odd jobs to survive in Mumbai.

After a struggle of over a year he finally got employment at Reliance and lived during a small house together with his whole family including his wife and younger brother. While performing at Reliance he was also doing theater simultaneously.

During his struggling years, Pratik has been rejected thanks to his looks several times. He was told he doesn’t appear as if a “hero” but it didn’t stop him from trying.

His theater experience paid off and got his first Gujarati film “Bey Yaar” which clothed to be successful . you’ll watch Bey Yaar on Prime Videos.

of these years Pratik has been juggling his full-time job together with his acting but he made sure he wasn’t letting his business life suffer by attending calls and meeting in between shots.

Pratik was offered “Wrong Side Raju” which became a huge hit and post this film, he decided to quit his job and pursue acting full-time.

In an interview, Pratik shared his opinion on nepotism saying, “I feel sad for people that couldn’t give auditions like me, I even have learnt tons from auditioning and getting rejected which is why i’m here today.”

During his initial struggling days, he worked in an Independent film “Yours Emotionally” supported guy couples. This film was nominated in many International Fests but never got a theatrical release in India.

Loveyatri (2018) was Pratik’s first Bollywood film, where he’s seen during a supporting role and second Hindi film was Mitron (2018).

Hansal Mehta is that the reason behind Pratik Gandhi’s casting for Scam 1992. Hansal had watched a couple of plays and film “Wrong Side Raju” and decided directly to cast him in Scam 1992.

He did extensive research for his character Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992 by reading about the stock exchange and meeting people working within the BSE.

Undoubtedly, Pratik was looking a bit like Harshad Mehta within the show but did you recognize that he placed on weight to seem like him? Yes, he went on to realize 18 kg to portray Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992.

He has shared in an interview that his early struggling days in Mumbai were almost like that of Harshad Mehta which is why he could understand the character thoroughly.

Pratik’s was included within the Limca Book of Records for a play which was performed in three languages, English, Hindi and Gujarati on an equivalent day.

Scam 1992 has been a game changer for him and most of the people are appreciating him for his overnight success. However, he likes to mention “This night was 15 years long for me” indicating his struggle for 15 years before making a mark within the industry.

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