Film ’Ram Setu’ poster makes people angry

New Delhi: Who does not know the name of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. The fans of his tremendous acting are crazy. He molds himself in every character. Recently her film Laxmi was released on Disney Plus Hotstar and the audience also liked the film. A few days after the release of this film, Akshay announced his next upcoming film. The film is based on ‘Ram Setu’. He also shared the poster of this film on his Instagram. However, as soon as the poster of the film was shared, the film got mired in controversies and negative comments started coming on it.

Let us tell you that Akshay has also shared a photo on his Instagram, which has a picture of Prabhu Ram and below it is a photo of Akshay Kumar. In the photo, Akshay Ram is seen walking on the bridge. During this, his look also looks amazing. But, on the photo it is written, ‘Truth or Imagination’, which has caused controversy. People are commenting negatively on his Instagram and saying that it is playing with the feelings of Hinduism. If all this is not stopped then you will become history.

People have written that why you people target Hindu religion again and again. People are advising them that if you have to make a film, then make it on the farmers who are committing suicide. Make a film on the drugs mafia of Bollywood. Make a film on the lichings that happened to the monks in Palghar. There are many such topics, but you guys just have to degrade Hinduism. People say that if you do not stop insulting Hindu religion in this way, you will not be able to survive. Stop doing business under the cover of Hinduism. Don’t know how many negative comments people are making on social media. People have made comments that we cannot write. Akshay Kumar ji, the whole country has high expectations from you and we hope that you will meet those expectations.

Recognition of Ram Sethu
Ramsetu is a chain (route) created by Prabhu Shriram and his monkey army to liberate Sita Mata from Ravana, between Rameswaram Island along the south east coast of Tamil Nadu, India and the island of Mannar on the northwest coast of Sri Lanka. Geographical evidence suggests that this bridge once connected India and Sri Lanka. This bridge is believed to have been built by Nal and Neel, two soldiers of the army of King Ram Sri Ram of Ayodhya. Through this bridge Shri Ram and his army reached Lanka and conquered Lanka and liberated his wife Sita Mata.

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