Car stuck in the Niagara River, which leads the rescue, comes loose and heads over the waterfall

The car got stuck near the brink of American Falls, one of the waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls, which was taken overboard and collapsed this weekend due to a Coast Guard helicopter rescue effort and is now underwater.

The New York State Park Police said Monday that the car was last seen on Saturday night as wind and waves were picking up and could not be seen up or down when it went underwater until sunrise on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, the car was spotted in the water by visitors to Niagara Falls near a pedestrian bridge and was stuck on rocks about 150 feet from the verge of the waterfall.

A Coast Guard helicopter conducting a training mission in Michigan was blown up and a swimmer was lowered about 80 feet from the plane to the roof of the car. Paytm Officer 2nd Class Darien Duryea entered through the passenger side, and two minutes later, signaled an exit from the vehicle.

Duryea returned in a helicopter in his late 60s with a woman who had died before reaching the Coast Guard vehicle.

A cause of death has not been announced for the woman, whom officials said lives in the area, and has not been publicly named. Police said on Thursday that the car appeared to have been deliberately driven into the river and the investigation was underway.