For wedding, choose the right photo agency to cherish the beautiful moments of your life

There is no dearth of photo services on the block claiming to give comprehensive coverage to weddings. However, very few fit the bill when it comes to delivering quality with consistency while narrating the once-in-a-lifetime event through pictures by Rashaé K

No wedding is complete today without the wedding photography. Wedding photos are a treasure trove for a lifetime. Gone are the days when marriage photography was just another occasion to click pictures of the couple and the venue. It has now emerged as a full-fledged art form with specialised photo agencies shooting candid pre-wedding photos before covering the wedding itself. This is the time when the bride and the groom are at their best. Moreover, if the photo agency is The Wedding Focus (TWF), the wedding and the couple are photographed superbly – a visual treat for the couple for the rest of their lives.

Marriage, the sacred bond between two individuals, begins with a wedding ceremony. The wedding is the occasion that binds the bride and the groom into a lifelong union is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their families and friends. No wonder everyone would like to picture the moment for life. What could be a better way to capture the occasion through the lens of a camera. Memories may fade away with time, but the photographs do not. They serve as memorabilia forever.

Those who value the memories of such an eventful occasion will not settle for anything less than the best. There is no dearth of photo services on the block claiming to give comprehensive coverage to weddings. However, very few fit the bill when it comes to delivering quality with consistency while narrating the once-in-a-lifetime event through pictures. The Wedding Focus is one such name in the wedding photography industry in India – an agency that has the experience and the expertise to deliver the best wedding photography service to its clients.

So, while planning to celebrate the biggest and the most auspicious day of your life in style ensure that you won’t be missing out on this key component. Without the touch of professional photography your wedding, howsoever eventful it might be, cannot be a memorable event. And when it comes to coverage of the big fat Indian wedding in its entirety, TWF stands out among sundry photo service companies floating around. It will bowl you over through the sheer concept of photography they have evolved over 20 years of service.

The Wedding Focus has a firm belief in the power of storytelling. They are skilled in weaving a narrative around the wedding with their candid pre-wedding shoot and also on the wedding day. They have evolved some unique techniques to accomplish the task with relative ease that others are still trying to learn. The finesse with which TWF covers every event as an intrinsic part of a whole story sets the benchmark for the wedding photography industry.

To start with, TWF meticulously studies the quintessential personalities of the bride and the groom days ahead of the big day. Their unique characteristic, tastes, likes and dislikes, overall personality traits, and over and above the unparalleled charm are all taken into account. The focus of the Team TWF is indeed the couple – how to present them in their best moods and attires is what the efforts of the Wedding Focus are focused upon.

The Homework on couple’s chemistry and their milieu also help the team in capturing each movement of the lead characters of the story in their myriad moods with pinpoint precision to project their respective personalities in a positive light. During his stint as a professional photographer, Alok Verma, the company’s CEO, has developed a strategy to bring all of it in his frame not only to highlight the unique personalities of the bride and the groom but also relate the most special occasion of their lives uniquely and each other as a couple.

Once the candid photo shoot is done, it is over to the wedding ceremonies. Every ceremony in traditional Indian wedding entails a high-voltage drama, the drama that unleashes unbound emotions that makes the event an exciting affair. While the focus will be on the ceremonial reception and the nuptial ceremony, not a single detail is missed by the battery of photographers engaged in the multi-camera shoot of the wedding ceremony.

The third and the most crucial aspect of the wedding coverage is the identification of the participants, relatives, and friends, as also dignitaries invited to grace the occasion. Soon after taking up a wedding assignment, TWF confers with the organizers on every aspect of the occasion, the type of wedding ceremony their plan, customs, and traditions unique to each wedding, etc. Their strategy helps in capturing every moment of the wedding eliminating the chances of miss of any ceremony.

The wedding ends on a somber note at the ceremonial farewell of the bride called bidai when she leaves her parental home for her husband’s where a new life awaits her. The atmosphere is so emotionally charged that the momentary grief can turn the happy plot assiduously built during the entire coverage into melancholy. The Wedding Focus deals with the subject with the sensitivity that it deserves employing a degree of restraint and ending on a positive note with the bride starting her happy marital life with the blessings of elders.

Many cameramen lap up at the reception that takes place the next day. However, TWF builds up a tempo slowly capturing the transition from the bidai to the happy reunion in the frame after frame. Thus, every aspect of the wedding is encapsulated in such a holistic manner that no aspect of the wedding loses its uniqueness and gaiety. Hence, laughter, cry, and tears of joy and happiness, every aspect of the wedding is well covered in an all-encompassing narrative.

So refreshingly animated the coverage of TWF is that years later when you are flipping through the pages of your wedding album, you will find each of your cherished memories coming alive right in front of your eyes as if they have happened the other day.  

Sankalp Khurana from Prayagraj, who hired the services of TWF recently feels vindicated by his choice. He says the still and audio-visual coverage by TWF has immortalised their wedding ceremony. Asked what appealed him the most about TWF, he said, “The quality of the snaps meticulously shot from every possible vantage point and the graphic coverage of every moment with minute details sets TWF apart. So lively are their images that every time I flip through the album it feels as if it happened the other day.”

Cherishing the memories of the special day in their lives, another client, Shivani, recalls how the wedding ceremony turned out to be an eventful affair. This, she says would not have been possible without The Wedding Focus. “It was a great experience with TWF. Their team was so involved in the nitty-gritty of the ceremony that they didn’t miss any moment worth capturing. The snaps they clicked are really amazing. Every frame has a story to tell.” 

As regards the TWF’s connect with the clients, she says, “The entire team was friendly and forthcoming. Notable among them, are Alok Verma and Meenakshi, who have left a lasting impression on our family and friends.”

SAAV Events, an event management company known for its unique wedding decor ideas, is associated with TWF since 2013. The company’s CEO Anshul Goyal says, “If not for TWF’s still and audio-visual coverage, their events would have been mere lackluster affairs.”

According to Pankaj Verma and Ankit Singhal involved in the décor and vivah events for SAAV, TWF team covers every event with the finesse that not a single moment is missed. Makeup artists, Minakshi Dutta and Hina, are of the view that TWF visuals compliment their efforts as no one else. If you are looking for an exotic coverage of marriage or any official or unofficial function, different from the run-of-the-mill sort you see all around, hire the services of TWF. You can visit for online booking of the top wedding and pre-wedding photography packages followed by trending photographic and video graphic styles such as candid and cinematic photo shoots.

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