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NIC and CBSE will launch ‘CollabCAD’ software on 14 January

New Delhi: National Informatics Center (NIC), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and Ministry of Education, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, is jointly launching CollabCAD Software, a computer-enabled software system – CollabCAD is a collaborative network Providing 2D product design and 3D product design for students and teachers of engineering graphics courses.

What’s Why WhatsApp has clarified on Privacy Policy? What another substitute for WhatsApp?

New Delhi: Amid row over reports of WhatsApp users alleging leak of their private messages with family and friends on search engines, the Facebook-owned messaging service has issued yet another clarification. “We Want To Address Some Rumours”: WhatsApp Updates On Privacy Policy Row” There are rumours about Facebook, WhatsApp clarifies again on updated privacy policy

Indian Army’s access to start-ups in emerging technology, the incentive in self-reliant India

New Delhi: To help self-reliant India and promote an innovative ecosystem, the Indian Army in collaboration with the Indian Defense Manufacturers’ Committee (SIDM) organized an access webinar for start-ups in emerging technologies. In this webinar format, from 17 to 28 December 2020, 89 start-ups made the Indian Army aware of their indigenously developed innovations, ideas,