EC to soon begin mock trials for remote voting: Election Commission of India

New Delhi: Those who are away from their house at the time of election have to return to their home to cast their vote. This wastes both their time and money. But now the Election Commission is working on a scheme, so that people living in other states away from their families will not have to return home to vote in the elections.

Soon such a scheme will come, so that the voter can go to any polling booth and use his franchise. According to Hindustan, the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that the Election Commission is working on initiating a plan for voters to go to any polling station in the country. The mock trial of the remote voting project will start soon.

The Chief Election Commissioner said, “We have already started research on remote voting projects in collaboration with IIT Madras and other institutions and we are moving forward in this.”

In almost every election, there are thousands of voters who for some reason are deprived of their right to vote. Voters stay away from the place where their name is in the voter list due to job, study, treatment or any other reasons. Because of which they are not able to cast their vote even if they want to. The remote voting project will allow such voters to exercise their right to vote who are forced to stay away from their constituencies for some reason or the other.

The Election Commission is also considering introducing a postal ballot facility for overseas voters, who are required to visit their polling booths for voting under the existing system.