Sonu Sood will come to ‘twitter sister’ wedding, wrote- let’s see Bihar wedding

Bihar News: Famous actor Sonu Sood is coming to Bihar soon. He will attend his ‘twitter sister’ wedding here. Sonu has also tweeted for this.

He is a villain in reel life, but in real world , most are the hero … talk about actor sonu sood who brought home to the workers of Bihar (Sonu sood helped Bihari Migrants) during the Corona period. Now soon Sonu Sood is coming to Bihar for his ‘twitter sister’ wedding. this may be the primary time that the whole state are going to be ready for the Villain of films. For the primary time, people will see the brother being welcomed along side the marriage processions.

Neha of Ara sent invitation to ‘Bhai Sonu Sood’ : Sonu Sood’s twitter sister Ara may be a resident of Karam Tola in Nawada police headquarters area. you want to be wondering why we are using twitter sister words again and again. Twitter makes such a lot right, brother, it’s worked as a link between a woman and actor Sonu Sood, who is sitting in Mumbai, thousands of kilometers away. Neha is to be married on December 11, so Neha sent her wedding invitation to Sonu Sood from Twitter. Neha wrote in her tweet that ‘I forgot to write down your name in happiness. together with your arrival at the marriage , i will be able to become the happiest girl within the world. i will be able to await you sir. See Neha’s tweet

Now someone can send invitations with such vigor and the way can this happen if the brother doesn’t come. Sonu Sood also skilled Neha’s tweet and wrote, ‘Let’s see Bihar’s wedding.’

Sonu Sood underwent operation of Neha’s ailing sister Divya: Neha didn’t just send her wedding card to Sonu Sood. there’s an old relationship behind it too. Actually Neha’s sister Divya Sahai had a disease of HYPOECHOIC MASS IN PANCREAS (stomach ache). For this he had to possess an operation. But Neha didn’t see any hope of operation of her sister Divya within the lockdown. Neha read somewhere that on Twitter, Sonu Sood is giving heartfelt help to the people of Bihar in lockdown. Neha therefore sent a tweet to Sonu on 1 September 2020 and wrote that thanks to the lockdown the sister surgery couldn’t be done on the date found in Delhi AIIMS, she urged Sonu Sood to somehow get the surgery date in AIIMS. aside from this, they are doing not want anything. Sonu Sood, replying to Neha’s tweet, wrote on September 5 that ‘your sister is our sister, she has been arranged within the hospital. it’s my job to urge them fixed.

Finally, on the initiative of Sonu Sood, Divya Sahai Ka underwent successful surgery at AIIMS in Rishikesh. Divya Sahai is healthy after the surgery. After Sonu Sood’s successful surgery of Divya Sahai, Neha and therefore the whole family thanked Sonu Sood. At that point Neha had also put a video on Twitter tagging Sonu Sood during which she thanked Sonu Sood for help.

Neha to be married in December : Neha, the elder daughter of Umashankar Sahay, a resident of Karam Tola of Ara city, is to be married to Bank PO Vaibhav on 11 December 2020. Vaibhav is posted as PO at Bank of Baroda. Vaibhav is originally a native of Lala Ki Gali along Ara’s Chick Toli Road. Currently, Vaibhav’s entire family lives in Chandigarh. Neha’s father Umashankar Sahai may be a clerk in Buxar’s college. Neha is elder to 2 sisters and a brother and is additionally an educator at Sakkadi secondary school within the district. Now the entire of Bihar, with Ara, is expecting the brother of the needy, Sonu Sood.

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